Message from David Mowaljarli

“We are really sorry for you people. We cry for you because you haven’t got meaning of culture in this country. We have a gift we want to give you. We keep getting blocked from giving you that gift. We get blocked by politics and politicians. We get blocked by media, by process of law. All we want to do is come out from under all of this and give you this gift. And it’s the gift of pattern thinking. It’s the culture which is the blood of this country, of Aboriginal groups, of the ecology, of the land itself.”

(David Mowaljarli, Ngarinyin, ABC Radio 1995 – speaking to a mostly white audience)

Indigenous elders from all over Australia, from the top end down to the cold country, believe that culture is the lifeblood of the people – the source of inner strength in an individual. By creating the Kurdiji 1.0 app, warlpiri elders are trying to break down the obstacles that have kept this knowledge from those who need it most. Please help them to take a stand on indigenous mental health by supporting our crowdfunding campaign when it launches on April 4th.LS0039

(photograph by Judith Crispin)

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