Thank you!

Thanks to the following people who are supporting the Kurdiji project by donating today:
Akash Man, Akasha Devi, Akirra Cable, Angela Sands, Angie Gittus, Avi Mahaningtyas, Beau Chamberlain, Brigit Cosgrove, Dan Salvestro, Danieka Montague, Drew Baker, Elisabeth Mawson, Ellie Glen, Elly Morlin Taylor, Emilie Collyer, Emily Grace, Esther Gyorki, Evianne C, Faroe Bourke, Fiona Whitehouse, Gilbert Roe, Helen and Harry, Ian McPhee, Jacinta Johnson, James Grant, Jenny Peake, Joanna West, Joseph Myles, Julia Jones, Juno Gemes, Kallena Kucers, Kat Hope, Kat S., Kate Greenwood, Kerrie Ferguson, Laura Lombardo, Laura McKenzie, Lib and Richard Conrick, Linda Shore-Perez, Lisa Williams, Liz Curry, Luke Jamieson, Lyndall Osborne, Magdalena Ball, Mandy Hay, Marius Webb, Melinda Smith, Merrissa Jose, Michael Hopkins, Michele Semifinals Ara, Michelle Sarkis, Natalie Sargent, Niall Fahy, Niven Stines, Paul Davis, Paul Harrison, Peter Mellow, Philip Salom, Rosanna Stevens, Saadi Allan, Samuel Danby, Sara Cusack Cox, Taylor Rapley, Teresa Savage, Teresa Woodland, Thalie Partridge, Wendy Catling, Will Cooper.
Also thank you to our 6 Anonymous doners.
We have raised $5,955 of our $280k goal today to help realize the Kurdiji 1.0 app and help build resilience and prevent suicides in Indigenous Youth. We can only do this through your generosity and support so thank you.
We would also like to share with you some of the messages of support we have received. They are all appreciated!;
  • A great initiative! Wishing you all the best!
  • Giving back to the people of this land, This is a wonderful idea and I hope you can get this app up and running.
  • A brilliant life changing idea- worth every cent!
  • An incredibly worthy cause that needs urgent attention, and so generous of the Warlpiri elders to give back to their community and other communities. They are legends, as are the Kurdiji team.
  • Best wishes for a speedy gathering of funds and getting the app up and running in the broader community.
  • Congrats on your own community success in preventative strategy implementations. Bless your generous spirit and desires to strengthen others.
  • Awesome idea! Best of luck with it!Keep up the good work. All lives are precious.
  • What a special and much needed initiative for young people. Sending all the best healing for your communities.
  • Excited to lend my support to your amazing project and wishing you well with hitting the fundraising target and developing the app.
  • An amazing mob, love and miss you all… I look forward to seeing the app alive and empowering lives.
  • Absolutely thrilled to hear about the Kurdiji project. I have no doubt that you are about to change lives in extraordinary ways and save lives.
  • What a fantastic initiative. Wishing you every success.
  • Great initiative to try to stop this tragedy. Well done.
Please keep following our progress during the campaign. If you have not already liked out Facebook page or shared our crowdfunding post with your friends then we invite you to do so and help us spread the word!

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