Media Presence

QUT news
Featureshoot Magazine
National Indigenous Research and Knowledges Network
Rolling Stone (Germany)
The Quietus
Nick Cave’s website
The Guardian Australia
Huffington Post
ABC News
Ghost Cult Magazine
The Industry Observer
Collective Hub
The Wire
Sky News
Global Citizen
News.Ro (Romania)
Silicon Paddock
National Indigenous Times
Social Documentary Network
Peek-a-Boo Magazine
Blurt Magazine
The Australian Independent Media Network
Adelaide Now
Look to the Stars
Pro Bono Australia
Health Info Net
CAAMA (go to 31 March, 2017)
Trend Magazin
Antro Blogi (Finland)
Tone Deaf Magazine
Reisebineblog (Germany)
Triple M
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club webpage
Monster Children
SpazioRock (Italy)
Xiaomi Tips
7 News
Slideshare (Four Apps That Want To Change The World)
RTBF (Belgium)
Ardina News (Portugal)
Blitz (Portugal)
Novayagazeta Blog (Russia)
Click Life (Greece)
Amoeba Blog

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