Message from Jerry Jangala

Jerry Jangala, speaking to Judith Crispin (Nangala) in Lajamanu last year about his first idea to start sharing the ideas of Kurdiji with everyone.

“… people can get it maybe from Kurdiji sign, Kurdiji idea or maybe in everything now, you know? That mean, it matter—we hunting in that part too. Our skin system, but that’s alright, like could be in a same law, same idea—in a proper right way.

But today it is all mix up. Because there’s too much grog too, more things coming from another country too . . . we know it’s a grave danger for everybody. Yeah, and our culture too. It already happened we bin losing our culture.

I want to say this one here, Nangala—God can keep us that culture. For everyone, every tribe. And now the Warlpiri really losing that. It’s something you said remind me of it, in saying that American culture it covers right over . . .

Yeah, they can keep a public one too. That law, not only for Warlpiri, no, but whole world. Like a home. But you have this one, you have this one . . That’s alright, but really . . . look after it. And to be proper family. Friends and all that, you know?”

(Jerry Jangala)


(Photograph by Judith Crispin)

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