Message from Wanta Jampijinpa

Wanta Jampijinpa speaking about the Kurdiji ideas as they exist inside Ngurra-kurlu. This is why we are working with the elders to create an app. We need to find new ways of getting this information out to people who need it most.

“Ngurra-kurlu is all about our place and sense of home. It consists of Family, Law, Land, Language, and Ceremony. Once we lose these five elements we become homeless people—people without the ability to understand our own home. We become feral in our own land. We live in our home without really knowing how to look after it, and we run the risk of desecrating our home. So we must look for a new way to teach our kids so that they understand their home through Ngurra-kurlu.

In Lajamanu until recent decades, my culture has always been taught by our elders and through going to ceremonies, so that we understand how to read the land and how it speaks to us. So how do we express this to our children today? Our young kids nowadays are influenced by things that are really foreign to them, and the way they look at the land is not the way the older generations and our ancestors have looked at it. No, so trying to teach them through the two ways of what I call the foreign way and the original way is a way of trying to bring back what is supposed to be our Warlpiri way of living in our home.

Ngurra-kurlu is the five pillars of the way this land has always been, and Indigenous people have always looked at this country—how it is written in everything around us and even embedded within ourselves. Yes, every day we have to express Ngurra-kurlu. Even when we are walking and talking, we must still use our bodies to express Ngurra-kurlu to move like the wind and, with our sounds, make it talk.”

(Steve Wanta Jampijinpa Patrick)LS0035

(Photograph by Judith Crispin)

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