Thank you

Thanks to the following people who are supporting the Kurdiji project by donating today;

Aileen Traynor, Catherine Searle, Clea Pettit, Dan Younger, Dot Hepburn, Dylan Howes, Em Couch, Geoff Hill, Gina Pickering, Jane Smith, Joel Hattie, Karen Woldhuis, Kate England, Kathryn Cairns, Kay Gehan, Kiah Stephens, Lara Gandini, Leanne Bailey, Madeline Lloyd, Marcela Salgado, Meg Lister, Mikayla Bowen, Minelle Creed, Nicola Coles, Radio Skid Row, Rebecca Harris, Rhaine Clayton, Robyn Fortescue, Rosalie Goldsmith, Sally Colson, Sandra Lampard, Sonia Hennessy, Sue Clark, Susan Fawcett, Trudy C, Virginie Menelet.

Also thank you to our 7 Anonymous donors.

We have raised $28,466 of our $280k goal today to help realise the Kurdiji 1.0 app and help build resilience and prevent suicides in Indigenous youth. We can only do this through your generosity and support so thank you.

We here at the project, like all of you following, supporting and contributing to the project,  have been doing a lot of work getting the message out there. Yesterday we noted that we had passed the 50,000 views of out campaign video with Uncle Jack Charles. Just before we compiled this post we just tipped 55,000 views so thank you everyone!

If that wasn’t exciting enough we also broke the 10% funded mark which is another milestone (and means I get to update the How Are We Doing graphic with another completed tag!)

We would also like to share with you some of the messages of support we have received. They are all appreciated!;

● Brilliant initiative
● Maybe technology will work to save young people…..
● Excellent video. This is such an important project planned and executed by the people on the ground who understand the problem and the solution.
● Good luck team!
● We need break the cycle of youth suicide, and it starts with us. I’ve made my contribution, will you contribute too?
● D’un petit ruisseau naît un grand fleuve. ( which translates as From a small stream comes a great river.)
● What a great idea xx
● Community led solutions working! We need to support more of this!
● Brilliant initiative! Good luck to you all.

Please keep following our progress during the campaign. If you have not already liked our Facebook page or shared our crowdfunding post with your friends then we invite you to do so and help us spread the word!


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