Message from Margaret Kemarre Turner

“Uternele arrtyernintyeme apmereke, the sun shoots its rays into the Land and the people and brings it all to life.

Pwarrtyintyeme apmereke, it reflects back onto the Land, filling everything there with its light.

Alkere inteme apmerele, alkere apmerenge, the sky lies on the Land, the sky is from the Land.

Ingwe atnyele-aneme utnenge, Altyerre utnenge ayeye ingwekenhe arrateme, the night falls on the Land and sleeps there and brings out the spirit of the Creation and its Stories.

And the weather. The wind blows every day, and the stars tell that Story; the flowers of the trees tell their Stories; plants give their Story. We’re part of the animals that live there, and birds; we listen to the birds and their Stories. We’re part of the water there, we’re part of the grasses, the medicines, the fruits. Not only people live on that Land, because the Story is come from our own Nature, that’s why we really see our Land as so beautiful. And that’s how the Land is; it’s the same for all Aboriginal people, no matter where they are.”

(Margaret Kemarre Turner, Iwenhe Tyerrtye)IMG_0830

(Photograph by Judith Crispin)

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