Talking about Biaime, at Easter

Indigenous Australians, particularly those around the Hunter valley, might be thinking today about another creator-god, the greatest of the ancestor spirits Biaime. So on this Easter Sunday, we thought we’d pay homage to the one who woke up the mountains, the valleys, birds and animals. Ancestor of our own country, this country, and of our own people.

“Biamie is one of the great ancestral beings of the Creation period. Biamie the creator’s presence is felt throughout many South-Eastern Indigenous Australian communities. During the creation period he moved across the land, shaping the landscape giving life to the environment and the human race, initiating lore of country.

When his journey was complete Biamie’s returned to the sky appearing in different seasons to remind his peoples of the lore. Biamie’s journeys are recorded through song, dance, art, oral histories and through Dreaming sites. . . .

Before Baime there was nothing, everything was sleeping. Baime awoke and created everything, the mountains, plains , rivers and every living thing.. . .

Mt. Yengo, south-west of Wollombi in Darkinjung country is said to be the site where Biamie’s descended from and ascended back into the sky. Early Europeans recognised the revered status that Biamie held in lore and in trying to place him into their equivalent concepts of being, equated him with the Christian God. . . .

The spirit of Baime is depicted on a cave overlooking the valley at Milbrodale . . . Baime has his arms stretched open protecting the Valley. Biaime also created Kawal (Ka-wal), to watch over the Wonnarua people. The spirit of Kawal is embodied in the wedge tailed eagle, found throughout the Hunter Valley. When the Wonnarua see the wedge tailed eagle, they know Kawal is looking over them, protecting them.” (OEH Draft AP)


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