Thank You!

Day 13

Thanks to the following people who are supporting the Kurdiji project by donating today;

Ben Richardson, Debra Koop, Fay Oldroyd, Jenny van Gorkum, Lisa Goldberg, Megan Brown

We have raised $30,386 of our $280k goal to date to help realise the Kurdiji 1.0 app and help build resilience and prevent suicides in Indigenous youth. We can only do this through your generosity and support, so thank you.

We would also like to share with you some of the messages of support we have received. They are all appreciated!;

● As an Australian and someone who has a big place in their heart for our first national people and connection to country and culture – I wish you all the best with this. Thank you for doing it.
● Let’s make this happen to save treasured lives!!!

Please keep following our progress during the campaign. If you have donated then thank you again and if you haven’t then please do consider it any amount helps, however small or large. If you have not already liked our Facebook page or shared our crowdfunding post with your friends then we invite you to do so and help us spread the word!


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