Elders Report on Preventing Indigenous Self Harm and Youth Suicide

The Culture Is Life campaign promoted the prevailing indigenous view that culture and connection to country are vital foundations for social and emotional wellbeing in Indigenous communities. One important outcome of this campaign was the development of the Elders Report on Preventing Indigenous Self Harm and Youth Suicide.

Messages were collected from senior Elders across the country, about solutions needed to solve the youth suicide crisis. Almost every contributor noted the importance of connection to culture – many of the elders speak of ideas related to Kurdiji.

The elders who contributed to this document were: Lorna Hudson, Wayne Bergmann, Dean Gooda, Joe Brown, Dr Anne Poelina, Eddie Bear, John Watson, Annie Watson, Bernard Tipiloura, Francis Xavier, Eustice Tipiloura, Noel Puantulura, Estelle Bowen, Des Bowen, Edward John Naylor, David Cole, Daryl Kanduwara (senior), Baydon Williams, Harry Nelson, Banduk Marika, Ruby Alderton, Djalinda Ulamari, Mangatjay Yunupingu, Mayatili & Djanambi Marika, Andrew Dowadi, George Gaymarrangi Pascoe, Noeletta McKenzie & Marita Wilton, Sylvia Ngulbinditj, James Gaykamangu, Mick Gooda, Pat Dudgeon, and Max Dulumunmun Harrison.


(Photograph by Judith Crispin)

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