Message from Ken Colbung

“The spirit in Aboriginal people is very strong. I look at the world and I also see that I am a child of the universe. We are all children of the universe. All around the world there are people of different colours, from different races and we all make up the framework of the universe. We are the human element of the world. What we have to remember is that the spirit works right through. It comes from the earth. Women get it from the earth. They feel it. It works right through, from the inside out. People need to be more spiritually inclined. I am part of the oldest country in the world and I belong to the oldest culture. I am proud of that. … In terms of what I’d like to see in the future, well, there’s one thing our people have to learn, and that’s how to live with each other. We have to do that first before we can live with other people. Reconcile with ourselves first and then we can move forward together. We need to make a plan, understand we are part of the rest of the world, part of the universe—we belong in the bigger picture. When we understand that, then the gates will open… that’s what we have to do as Nyungar elders, pass the heritage on. That’s always been the ongoing flow of life”
(Ken Colbung, Nyungar elder).
Passing on the heritage has always been the backbone of Aboriginal wellbeing. Now Lajamanu’s elders are turning to mobile devices to do exactly that. The message, of culture, country and kinship, has remained the same for thousands of years but they are pulling technology into the service of Indigenous people.


(photograph by Judith Crispin)

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