Message from Lorna Hudson

“There is no balance for young people. They are more adapted to non-Aboriginal culture than their own.

We need a balance. We need our old people to come and talk to them in regards to culture. To survive, there has to be balance. When we were young and ready for knowledge, the old people would teach us culture – take us hunting, fishing, all of it – but today that’s not happening.

All of our mob has been pulled into town into somebody else’s country. This makes it difficult to find cultural support. All the support they are getting is from the non- Aboriginal culture. They are not getting cultural support. As a result, our people find it difficult to recognise where our real life is.

The easy way is to turn to drugs and alcohol. That’s the life that they’ve got. I’m talking about Indigenous people…

People are becoming isolated from culture. For the Government to work better, they need to listen to the cries of our community people. I know a couple of efforts have been made before requesting funding and requesting support, but the Government has turned away…

You have to go and sit down with the people and learn from them. Most of the services that are in place are not working. You have to get rid of those services. At the end of the day, there is not enough funding going to what is needed. We need the Elders to lead in the healing.”

(Lorna Hudson, Derby)

What we’re doing, with Kurdiji 1.0 Aboriginal suicide prevention app, is trying to initiate a far reaching indigenous-led program of increasing resilience in young people. Elders from all tribes and peoples are terrified for the future of their youth – who are often cut off from community and immersed in a culture which ignores the Aboriginal roots of their psychology. This app will be a cultural lifeline for indigenous Australians everywhere.


(photograph by Judith Crispin)

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