Lest we forget

Today we remember all Australians who have fought to defend this country. But particularly, we remember the great Aboriginal warriors of Australia’s Frontier Wars. We remember around 800 forgotten Indigenous soldiers from WW1, and approximately 4000 Indigenous soldiers from WW2.

There are too many Australian Indigenous heroes to name this Anzac Day, so honour the many by remembering the few.

Today we pay homage to those who lost their lives defending this country from an invading British force – the great warriors of the Frontier Wars.

Lest we forget.

Tarenorerer (Walyer)

Here are some of the stories of Aboriginal soldiers in the First World War.
Private Leonard Charles Lovett
Private Richard Martin
Private Richard Martin
Private Harold Arthur Cowan
Corporal Harry Thorpe
Private Alfred Jackson Coombs
Private Thomas James Walker
Charles Blackman
Trooper William Allen
Private Alfred John Henry Lovett
Trooper Horace Thomas Dalton
Private Harry C Murray
Private Gilbert Williams
Private Miller Mack
Trooper Frank Fisher
William Charles Westbury


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