A reminder from Jenny Munro

We’d like to share with you the words of one of Australia’s great freedom fighters, Jenny Munro. These are not easy words, they are full of fire – but sometimes we need to be reminded that the struggle for Indigenous rights in this country is still raging.

“Our people have survived the white invasion. We are still Black. We are still a community. And we are much more astute than we are given credit for.

What has happened is a genocide by bullets and genocide by policy. We have fought throughout our history. We have fought the Red Coats, the mounted police, and now we just fight the police. We’re still fighting. Today the street police are just as racist as they always have been. There is an institutional, entrenched racism. The racism exists in all of the institutions across Australia, so just fucking around with legislation isn’t going to change anything.

Our people have maintained connections, through song lines, for thousands and thousands of years. And now we have these people who came, uninvited, who imposed their barbarity upon us.

We will stay here. We’ve got no inclination to move. We’re gonna smoke them out, call their bluff. It always was, and always will be Aboriginal land. We have the right to decide, as a community, what happens on our land.”

(Jenny Munro)

If we genuinely wish to impact positively on Aboriginal suicide rates, we have to listen to Aboriginal voices.Simply imposing white mental health values on community achieves nothing.



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