Roy Dadaynga Marika and Paddy Jalapjarri Sims

“All the land is Yirritja and Dhuwa (two halves of a whole world). Our songs, our law, our sacred art, our stories are embedded in the land, which is the foundation of our knowledge. That’s how we see the land; that is what our Land Rights Act says.”

“The land will exist forever. It must be protected so that it will remain the same, so that it can be seen in the same way that the elders saw it in the past. Our vision and hope is that Yolngu will continue to use the land for all the generations to come.”

(Roy Dadaynga Marika, Yolngu elder)

“We only want the world to accept and respect our culture… and how strongly we feel about being allowed to remain ourselves.”
(Paddy Japaljarri Sims, Warlpiri elder)

Connection to culture, country and community is the foundation of mental health and wellbeing in Aboriginal people. Now Warlpiri elders are creating an app to reconnect young Indigenous people to ‘kurdiji’, a set of ideas around language, law, skin name and ceremony. Help an Aboriginal community strengthen the resilience of Aboriginal young people by supporting Kurdiji 1.0, crowdfunding now at


(photograph by Judith Crispin)

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