For 70 years Warlpiri elders searched for Kurlpurlunu, the sacred rainmaking site that had been lost when the Warlpiri were forced from their land and relocated to Lajamanu (then Hooker Creek). Jerry Jangala, one of the instigators of the Kurdiji 1.0 project, was central to rediscovering the site in 2014. Kurlpurlunu is one of the places where Warlpiri people create clouds through controlled burns – it is the place of rainmakers. Some of the elders spotted the site from the air when they recognised a special desert oak, called Malpaya, standing on the edge of the waterhole. Gradually, piece by piece, the Warlpiri people are preserving their culture for future generations. For more information on the rediscovery of Kurlpurlunu see the ABC article.



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