UNESCO Australian Memory of the World

Warlpiri crayon drawings created at Lajamanu (Hooker Creek) in 1953 and 1954 were included, earlier this year, on the Unesco Australian Memory of the World.

“They mark a moment in the 1950s when Warlpiri were forcibly relocated to the new government settlement of Hooker Creek, on the lands of the Gurindji. They give us a sense of what people were thinking about and what they cared about at this turbulent time – especially the cherished ancestral places they were now separated from and the ceremonial knowledge associated with those places. Some drawings also indicate that Warlpiri were keeping a sharp watchful eye on the new world of the settlement that was unfolding around them, . . .
It’s wonderful that the international significance of the drawings is being recognised by their addition to the Unesco register.”
(Melinda Hinkson)

Just another way the Warlpiri people are fighting to preserve Indigenous culture for future generations. The wellbeing and resilience of Aboriginal people depends on efforts like these to safeguard knowledge. Please support the Warlpiri initiative by donating to the Kurdiji 1.0 Aboriginal suicide prevention app at http://www.kurdijiproject.com

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