“In a place near Kurlpurlurnu, two young warriors called warnmajarri-jarra were hunting in the area for kanyarla (kangaroos). The two young warriors lit a fire to flush the kangaroos out of the bush, but they realised that they had created a big bush fire that raged for days and was expanding. The bush fire created a big pillar of smoke that built up in the sky. The clouds were drawn into the pillar of smoke and created milpirri (storm cloud), which then sent rain and drenched the land, putting out the fire.”

“When we want to learn something we have to understand the underneath parts, the deep knowledge. Pangirninjaku nganju: ‘Nganju’ means root and ‘pangirninjaku’ is digging up. It means that there are many layers to knowledge and you have to keep digging them up to find out – deep learning.”

(Wanta Jampijinpa)

lajamanu 6


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