Message from Bill Neidjie

“Well I’ll tell you about this story, About story where you feel…laying down Tree, grass, star… because star and tree working with you. We got blood pressure but same thing…spirit on your body, but he working with you. Even nice wind he blow…having a sleep… because that spirit he with you.

Listen carefully this, you can hear me. I’m telling you because earth just like mother and father or brother of you. That tree same thing. Your body, my body I suppose, I’m same as you…anyone. Tree working when you sleeping and dream. . .

If you in city well I suppose lot of houses, You can’t hardly look this star but might be one night you look. Have a look star because that’s the feeling. String, blood…through your body. . .

Skin can be different, but blood same. Blood and bone…. all same. Man can’t split himself. . .

Listen carefully, careful and this spirit he come in your feeling And you will feel it…anyone that. I feel it…my body same as you. I telling you this because the land for us, never change round, never change. Places for us, earth for us, star, moon, tree, animal, no-matter what sort of animal, bird or snake… all that animal same like us. Our friend that.”

(Bill Neidjie)LS0041

Photograph: Henry Jackamarra Cook dances the grey kangaroo, at Emu waterhole, Tanami Desert. (Judith Crispin)

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