Prof. Marcia Langton

“We have shown that we were not violent, we were peaceful at all times. We are not asking for privileges. We are asking for basic human rights and we’re asking for rights which have already been recognised by the United Nations as inalienable rights of the human being. We want a stable, peaceful country and we want rule of law. That’s where the Stolen Generation’s report will be sorted out – by rule of law. Biggest challenge is always, being an Aboriginal person in Australia, is to be taken seriously as a human being. So even though I have a first class honours degree and a PhD, nobody will address me by my correct title. You know, I’m always Miss Langton, not Dr Langton or Professor Langton, MISS Langton.”

(Professor Marcia Langton)

Warlpiri elders are reconnecting young Indigenous people with country, culture, community and law. They’re using technology as a tool to increase resilience. This app will be most effective for people who have been removed, or whose parents have been removed, from their communities by past Australian policies – or who have been cut off from culture for other reasons. i5507

(Portrait by Juno Gemes​, part of the Kurdiji 1.0 advisory board)

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