Calling the spirits home from war

One hundred years after the ANZAC landings, Norman Daymirringu (Yolngu elder) performed a smoking ceremony and a calling ceremony in the Yolngu Matha language at Gallipoli, calling the spirits of Indigenous warriors from the battlegrounds back home to Australia.

“I will be conducting the calling out and smoking ceremony. Calling to the spirits to tell them to come home back to Australia. It’s really important. Bringing our forgotten traditional tribal people who fought in World War One, bring them back to their soil. It is emotional and my heart is really feeling for them, it’s going to be sorry business for us.”

“We brought some soil from Australia to leave at Gallipoli and we’re taking soil from Gallipoli back to Australia. As part of this I called our elder warriors back to Australia so they can be back in their own country with their families.”

(Norman Daymirringu)

An essential part of reconciliation is recognising that Indigenous and non-Indigenous people have different needs in life and in death. Culture, community and country underpin Aboriginal resilience and wellbeing.

Read more about this here.


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