Concern over Mental Health Apps

Some of you will have seen recent speculation in the press over mental health apps.

The concerns, which we share, are centred around privacy issues, lack of expertise, hidden costs and false promises. Mental health apps, both those that offer to cure mental illness and those that teach mindfulness, are not always what they appear to be – and we would advise caution before using them.

Why is Kurdiji 1.0 Aboriginal suicide prevention app different?

The Kurdiji 1.0 app does not collect information about users without their written permission. No private information is shared or sold – ever.

Our app is designed and created by the legitimate custodians of Kurdiji knowledge – the Warlpiri elders themselves. There is nobody more qualified to communicate Kurdiji than these elders.

The Kurdiji 1.0 app is free. It contains no paid elements and all future versions of the app will also be free. We are trying to lift up Aboriginal communities, not make a profit.

If any profit is made incidentally – that is, for example, if we were to raise more money than we needed to create the app – then the extra funds would go to create a trust to help the families of Indigenous people who have taken their own lives.

Nobody can promise an app, or a book, or a psychologist, or a mental health institution, will precent suicides totally. But we can reach out to people who are at risk with the best information we have. We can stop Indigenous people taking their own lives because they feel disconnected from country, community and culture.



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