Milpirri Festival

Kurdiji 1.0 Aboriginal suicide prevention app has grown out of a long Warlpiri tradition of reaching out to other Indigenous people, as well as white people, with culture, ceremony and story. One of the most effective methods devised by the Warlpiri community at Lajamanu and Tracks Dance is Milpirri Festival.

“The Milpirri Festival has been happening since 2005 and is a collaboration between the Lajamanu Community, Tracks Dance Company and Lajamanu School. Aimed at linking the energy of youth and the wisdom of the old, gaining better understanding between western and Warlpiri ways of learning, and for making people feel good about who they are and where they live – Lajamanu. Sadly growing out of the first youth suicide in Lajamanu, the Milpirri Festival importantly works towards giving people a sense of belonging in times of rapid change.”

You can support Kurdiji 1.0 by donating at and sharing the campaign.

You can read more about Milpirri Festival on Tracks Dance Site.


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