Honey Ants!

In Warlpiri country, and many other Indigenous nations, people supplement their diets with traditional bush food. Vegetables are notoriously expensive in desert communities and many families can’t afford to buy them on a regular basis. Diabetes is one of the biggest killers of Aboriginal people, so the inclusion of bush bananas, bush potato, bush eggplants etc. in an otherwise western diet is very important. In this video Warlpiri women demonstrate how to find honey ants. They talk about the threat western pollution poses to the supply of traditional foods.
Knowledge of bush tucker is an important part of cultural identity and connection with culture. Much of this knowledge is held by quite senior elders, and there is a concern that it will not be carried into the future by the next generation. In order to convey cultural ideas and to increase resilience in young Aboriginal people, Warlpiri elders are creating the Kurdiji 1.0 Aboriginal suicide prevention app. Using technology, the world’s oldest culture is hoping to reconnect people with culture, country and community. You can support them by donating at http://www.kurdijiproject.com and sharing the campaign.


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