David Mowaljarlai & Kwaymullina on country

With only seven days to go on the Kurdiji 1.0 campaign, we need your help more than ever.

Kurdiji 1.0 app is an effort to share lifesaving cultural ideas with all vulnerable people. The Warlpiri elders behind this app want to provide pathways for everyone, kardiya and yapa (non-Indigenous and Indigenous people), to reconnect with country and to learn about culture and community.

“What we see is, all the white people that were born in this country and they are missing the things that came from us mob, and we want to try and share it. And the people were born in this country, in the law country, from all these sacred places in the earth. And they were born on top of that. And that, we call wungud – very precious. That is where their spirit come from. That’s why we can’t divide one another, we want to share our gift, that everybody is belonging, we want to share together in the future for other generations to live on. You know? That’s why it’s very important.”
(David Mowaljarlai)

“This country is a living story. Whether Aboriginal or stranger, we all breathe, sleep, move, live in the world of Manguny, and in this country of difference, perhaps the greatest of all is between those who know it and those who don’t. For in the end, all that seeks to uphold the pattern that is creation is the same good; just as all that seeks to destroy it is the same evil. In the learning borne of country is the light that nourishes the world; and if country and the world is to be helped now, it is this light that must shine the way home.”


Connection is key to good mental health in Indigenous people, and the elders believe that non-Indigenous people can also benefit. You can help them make their app a reality by donating at http://www.kurdijiproject.com and sharing the campaign.

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