Wanta Jampijinpa on Kurdiji

Kurdiji 1.0 Aboriginal suicide prevention app is in its last week of crowdfunding! So we’d like to share with you, again, these video by Warlpiri elder Wanta Jampijinpa Pawu-Kurlpurlurnu​, who is the force behind this initiative.

Wanta and other elders from Lajamanu are creating an app to share the life-saving ideas of Kurdiji with the world. These ideas are structured around four ‘pillars’, Kuruwarru ‘Law’, Manyuwana ‘Ceremony’, Jaru ‘Language’ and Warlalja ‘Kin. When these four pillars are strong then Ngurra-kurlu, the home within, is also strong.

Kurdiji 1.0 will reconnect young Aboriginal people with the kangaroo (the ground, or country), the emu (the milky way, or sky) and the wedgetailed eagle (which connects the two). It will increase resilience and prevent suicides.

“Nyampurla kuja karlipa nyinami, Wawirri-kirlangurla ngurrara-rla, maannginyanyirlipa Wanya-parnta-wiyi, yugunganpa pinarri-mani paarr-pardinjaku, Warlawurru-piya, kankarlarra pura, nguruwana ‘To live in the homeland of the Kangaroo, first understand the Emu, who will teach us to soar high like the Wedged-tailed eagle’.

Wangkayarla nguruku, kapungku nguruju pina wangkami-jarla:
Speak to the land and the land will speak back.”
(Wanta Jampijinpa Pawu-Kurlpurlurnu)


With only one week left to go on this campaign we need your help to save Indigenous lives. We lose three Aboriginal people a week to suicide, and four out of five of these people are aged between 10 and 14 years old.

Our young Aboriginal people need the guidance and wisdom of traditional elders if they are to grow strong. You can help Warlpiri elders reach vulnerable people all over this country by donating at http://www.kurdijiproject.com and sharing our campaign.


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