Wanta Jampijinpa on Ngurra-kurlu

“Out of the land, our sounds become our words, our words become our stories, our stories become our songs, our songs become our ceremonies, our ceremonies become our teachings, our teachings become our beliefs, our beliefs become our law, and through that, we are strong and know who we are, wherever and whatever we are doing.”

(Warlpiri elder, Wanta Jampijinpa Pawu-Kurlpurlurnu)

In this video Wanta explains about Ngurra-kurlu, the home within. We lose three Aboriginal people a week to suicide, and four out of five of these people are aged between 10 and 14 years old. How can we give these vulnerable young people a home within? Warlpiri elders want to share the four pillars of kurdiji – law, language, ceremony and kinship, with the public through their app. They want to share Ngurra-kurlu with people all over this country and help build resilience in vulnerable communities. Our young Aboriginal people need the guidance and wisdom of traditional elders if they are to grow strong.

With only one week left to go on this campaign we need your help to save Indigenous lives. You can support the Warlpiri elders, in their efforts to reach vulnerable people, by donating at www.kurdijiproject.com and sharing our campaign. Please help if you can!

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