Yiiya Guyula on country

“We must take our children back to the land, back to the country, sing for them, teach them about language, about culture, ceremonies, what happened, actually standing on the land and actually holding onto the stringy bark tree, the gadayka (stringy bark tree) and telling them this is the holy gunduy (sacred knowledge), this is the holy sacred tree that our spirit comes from. Straight away those people can understand because behind that tree behind the rock, there are spirits of our fathers telling the story, the rock itself can speak, the tree itself can speak… listening to the wind blowing cleansing and empowering, in it’s own language… it teaches, it gives knowledge to our young people, knowledge to our people.”
(Liyadhalinymirr Elder Yiiya Guyula)

LS treescapes1966

Kurdiji 1.0 Aboriginal suicide prevention app aims to increase resilience in young people before suicidal thoughts occur. By reconnecting Aboriginal people with language, law, ceremony and kinship, and by strengthening relationship with country, Kurdiji 1.0 hopes to provide a strong foundation for the next generation of warriors, featherfoots, teachers, rangers and healers.

Kurdiji 1.0 is now in the last week of crowdfunding – and we need your help urgently.

You can support the Warlpiri elders behind this app by donating at http://www.kurdijiproject.com and sharing the campaign. Take a stand with Aboriginal Australia against suicides and loss of culture.

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