Thank you!

Thanks to the following people who are supporting the Kurdiji project by donating today;

Alison Fuller, Caroline Horobin, Cheryl Alldridge, Daya Pepper, Fiona Whittaker, Jamie Vicente, Kylie Garcelon, Mason Rothwell, Nelle Mawson, Paul Atkins, Sam Oster.

Also thank you to our 1 Anonymous donor.

We have raised $118,359 of our $280k goal to date to help realise the Kurdiji 1.0 app and help build resilience and prevent suicides in Indigenous youth. We can only do this through your generosity and support, so thank you.

At the end of week 8 of our GoFundMe campaign for funding the Kurdiji 1.0 app and with 4 days left to run (60 day campaign does not equal 8 weeks – crazy but true) here are the statistics to date. We are just over 43% funded, by 1,350 people like you who want to make a real change in the world. Our campaign video on go fund me has been shared over 3,700 time. On facebook (despite our problems) we have over 3,000 likes and follows for our project page and our campaign video had seen viewed over 102,000 times (if only everyone who had watched it could spare $5!). Our next goal if 45% and of course our big milestone is the halfway mark of 50% or $140,000.

 Remember this is not an ‘all or nothing’ campaign and all donations will go to the creation of this app – your donation will make a difference.

 We would like to share with you the public messages of support we have received from our GoFundMe donors today. They are always appreciated!;

● It’s so great to see this being led by the community! Good luck, and I will share with my friends.
● A wonderful project, great initiative 🙂
● Keep the good work happening !

 Please keep following our progress during the campaign even though we are running out of time. If you have donated then thank you again, and if you haven’t then there is no better time to stand with us – any amount helps, however small or large. If you have not already liked our Facebook page or shared our crowdfunding post with your friends then we invite you to do so and help us spread the word!

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