Kurdiji 1.0 is making progress!

Thanks to the generosity and support of thousands of people, including volunteers, advisers and financial backers, Kurdiji 1.0 app is underway. We have spent one extended period in community and have a very rough working prototype. Our crowdfunding campaign brought in $250,000 – only $30,000 short of our original (very ambitious) goal. And while we have stopped campaigning for now, you can still donate via the GoFundMe page at http://www.kurdijiproject.com

kurdiji mockup

While we can’t upload our prototype until we have permission from cultural owners, we can show you the first of our landing pages – the emu is, of course, the dark nebula in the Milky Way, the cosmic emu which is sacred to all Australian Aboriginal people.

We all head back on country in 3-4 weeks and, at this stage, we are hoping to have a complete first version of the app completed by early January – and to you by end February!

Here are a couple of photographs of the Warlpiri elders who are providing cultural content and advice for this project. Myra and Biddy “Short Skirt” are two of the best hunters in Lajamanu. Well into their 80s now, they still hunt goanna, black-headed python and any number of bush foods (bush coconut, bush tomato, yam etc) using a crowbar and axe. Without the guidance of these ladies and the other Warlpiri elders there would be no project. These photographs were taken during a hunting trip in June 2017 (they caught sand goannas on that trip!)




1myra and biddy

2myra and biddy 2




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