David Mowaljarlai & Kwaymullina on country

With only seven days to go on the Kurdiji 1.0 campaign, we need your help more than ever. Kurdiji 1.0 app is an effort to share lifesaving cultural ideas with all vulnerable people. The Warlpiri elders behind this app want to provide pathways for everyone, kardiya and yapa (non-Indigenous and Indigenous people), to reconnect with … More David Mowaljarlai & Kwaymullina on country

Thank you!

Thanks to the following people who are supporting the Kurdiji project by donating today; Aleisa Moussa, Alex Cunningham, Bec Hanify Seumanu, Bérengère Primat, Beth Spencer, Cass Moore, Christine Bengoa, Delsey Tamiano, Ellen Kessler, Kim Johnston, Mary Goslett, Nicole Carver, Pat Nguyen, Patricia Nagel, Robert Louis Henry, Sacred Fire Foundation, Tanya Henry. Also thank you to … More Thank you!

Thank you!

Thanks to the following people who are supporting the Kurdiji project by donating today; Angela Connell, Arnaud Serval, Carol Andrew, Darren O’Brien, Karrie Geronimos. Also thank you to our 1 Anonymous donor. We have raised $111,692 of our $280k goal to date to help realise the Kurdiji 1.0 app and help build resilience and prevent … More Thank you!

Boruwuy and Yirrkala “Dhuwa dhapi” ceremony

This video captures a Boruwuy and Yirrkala “Dhuwa dhapi” circumcision ceremony in 2008. For many Indigenous tribes, the first important event in the passage from childhood to manhood is the circumcision ritual. These ceremonies, which often last several weeks, mark the change from a carefree childhood to disciplined manhood, from irresponsibility to responsibility, from ignorance … More Boruwuy and Yirrkala “Dhuwa dhapi” ceremony

Kenny Jupurrula Walker’s Snake Dreaming

Kenny Jupurrula Walker’s Snake Dreaming 1986 depicts ancestral Jukurrpa (dreaming) paths doubling as the body of a powerful snake man (warna). This snake spirit is emerging from a place near the Granites, which is the sacred country of Henry Jackamarra Cook (the elder first shown in our Kurdiji 1.0 campaign video). Travelling over the landscape, … More Kenny Jupurrula Walker’s Snake Dreaming