Yilpinji Love Magic

This screen print by “Love Story”, relates to the love magic ceremonies of the Warlpiri and Kukatja people (of the Australian Western and Central Deserts) “A man sings love songs to attract the object of his affections, his desired lover, to him and in the same way a woman may also sing yilpinji to charm a … More Yilpinji Love Magic

Dorothy Napangardi

Warlpiri painter Dorothy Napangardi (c.1950-2013) spent her life depicting the womens’ site Mina Mina, in the Tanami Desert – sacred to Napangardi and Napanangka skin groups. There are many ‘mulju’ (water soakages) and a ‘maluri’ (clay pan) at Mina Mina. In the Jukurrpa (Dreaming) some women travelled east collecting Ngalyipi (Snake Vine) and performing ceremonies. … More Dorothy Napangardi

Bill Harney

“The shadow of all the lightning people went into the rock and that’s where they all are today. They changed from that shadow and some became different birds, others became the lizards and the humans and all this you see here in the rock-paintings. The creation of this country is what they have been telling … More Bill Harney

Prof. Marcia Langton

“We have shown that we were not violent, we were peaceful at all times. We are not asking for privileges. We are asking for basic human rights and we’re asking for rights which have already been recognised by the United Nations as inalienable rights of the human being. We want a stable, peaceful country and … More Prof. Marcia Langton


“In a place near Kurlpurlurnu, two young warriors called warnmajarri-jarra were hunting in the area for kanyarla (kangaroos). The two young warriors lit a fire to flush the kangaroos out of the bush, but they realised that they had created a big bush fire that raged for days and was expanding. The bush fire created … More Kurlpurlunu