David Gulpilil dances

Kurdiji 1.0 Aboriginal suicide prevention app is in its final week of crowdfunding and we need your help! Warlpiri elders are using technology to reconnect young Aboriginal people, all over the country, with culture, community and country. This film shows three dances of traditional Aboriginal dance performed by the beautiful David Gulpilil. The Emu and … More David Gulpilil dances

Boruwuy and Yirrkala “Dhuwa dhapi” ceremony

This video captures a Boruwuy and Yirrkala “Dhuwa dhapi” circumcision ceremony in 2008. For many Indigenous tribes, the first important event in the passage from childhood to manhood is the circumcision ritual. These ceremonies, which often last several weeks, mark the change from a carefree childhood to disciplined manhood, from irresponsibility to responsibility, from ignorance … More Boruwuy and Yirrkala “Dhuwa dhapi” ceremony

Mornington Island dances with didgeridoo

This 1988 film shows some of the songs and dances of the Lardil people of Mornington Island and the Borroloola community. Songs and dances are passed down through generations, over thousands of years, and they convey cultural knowledge about country, ceremony, hunting and law. The transmission of cultural knowledge is very important for the wellbeing … More Mornington Island dances with didgeridoo

Honey Ants!

In Warlpiri country, and many other Indigenous nations, people supplement their diets with traditional bush food. Vegetables are notoriously expensive in desert communities and many families can’t afford to buy them on a regular basis. Diabetes is one of the biggest killers of Aboriginal people, so the inclusion of bush bananas, bush potato, bush eggplants … More Honey Ants!

Ngangkari, Mural Story

A group of Ngangkari traditional healers, from Ngaanyatjarra, Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara Lands, have created a mural which passes on knowledge about their unique ability to protect and heal individuals and keep communities from harm. They have made a video which explains the mural, in their own language but with English subtitles. It’s an extraordinary story… … More Ngangkari, Mural Story