Lajamanu panels

In March 1986, after a decision to use art to transmit cultural knowledge, Lajamanu’s artists transitioned from painting on fruit boxes, car parts, floor tiles and wood scraps, to using huge sheets of composition board. These works, in bold house paint, became known as the ‘Lajamanu Panels’. One of the precursers to the large works … More Lajamanu panels

Ngangkari, Mural Story

A group of Ngangkari traditional healers, from Ngaanyatjarra, Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara Lands, have created a mural which passes on knowledge about their unique ability to protect and heal individuals and keep communities from harm. They have made a video which explains the mural, in their own language but with English subtitles. It’s an extraordinary story… … More Ngangkari, Mural Story

Fire becomes rain becomes fire

The Warlpiri sacred site Kurlpurlunu,recently rediscovered after being lost for 70 years, is used for rainmaking ceremonies (among other things). For the Warlpiri rain (ngapa) and fire (warlu) are closely related – in this world and also in the Jukurrpa (the Dreaming). Rainmaking knowledge is held by those with the skin names Jampijinpa/Nampijinpa and Jangala/Nangala. … More Fire becomes rain becomes fire

Barbara Glowczewski

Barbara Glowczewski‘s article “From academic heritage to Aboriginal priorities” is subtitled: “Throughout My 34 Years Of Involvement With Aboriginal People Across Australia, I Have Regularly Chosen To Respond To Aboriginal Priorities Against A Certain Academic Heritage, Illustrated By The Refusal Of Some Colleagues – In France Or Australia – To Recognise The Importance Of Women’s … More Barbara Glowczewski

Bill Harney

“The shadow of all the lightning people went into the rock and that’s where they all are today. They changed from that shadow and some became different birds, others became the lizards and the humans and all this you see here in the rock-paintings. The creation of this country is what they have been telling … More Bill Harney