Kenny Jupurrula Walker’s Snake Dreaming

Kenny Jupurrula Walker’s Snake Dreaming 1986 depicts ancestral Jukurrpa (dreaming) paths doubling as the body of a powerful snake man (warna). This snake spirit is emerging from a place near the Granites, which is the sacred country of Henry Jackamarra Cook (the elder first shown in our Kurdiji 1.0 campaign video). Travelling over the landscape, … More Kenny Jupurrula Walker’s Snake Dreaming

Honey Ants!

In Warlpiri country, and many other Indigenous nations, people supplement their diets with traditional bush food. Vegetables are notoriously expensive in desert communities and many families can’t afford to buy them on a regular basis. Diabetes is one of the biggest killers of Aboriginal people, so the inclusion of bush bananas, bush potato, bush eggplants … More Honey Ants!

Fire becomes rain becomes fire

The Warlpiri sacred site Kurlpurlunu,recently rediscovered after being lost for 70 years, is used for rainmaking ceremonies (among other things). For the Warlpiri rain (ngapa) and fire (warlu) are closely related – in this world and also in the Jukurrpa (the Dreaming). Rainmaking knowledge is held by those with the skin names Jampijinpa/Nampijinpa and Jangala/Nangala. … More Fire becomes rain becomes fire

Barbara Glowczewski

Barbara Glowczewski‘s article “From academic heritage to Aboriginal priorities” is subtitled: “Throughout My 34 Years Of Involvement With Aboriginal People Across Australia, I Have Regularly Chosen To Respond To Aboriginal Priorities Against A Certain Academic Heritage, Illustrated By The Refusal Of Some Colleagues – In France Or Australia – To Recognise The Importance Of Women’s … More Barbara Glowczewski

Yilpinji Love Magic

This screen print by “Love Story”, relates to the love magic ceremonies of the Warlpiri and Kukatja people (of the Australian Western and Central Deserts) “A man sings love songs to attract the object of his affections, his desired lover, to him and in the same way a woman may also sing yilpinji to charm a … More Yilpinji Love Magic